As we age, many of us face unwanted transitions, stagnation, or strangely enough, both at once.

As much as you might want to experience your life as passionate and meaningful, you may hear yourself saying,

  • “Maybe other people can do that, but not me.”
  • “Everything’s changing … how do I cope?”
  • “I keep second-guessing myself.”
  • “I’m stuck – I can’t (or won’t) move!”

With Lila Critchley as your coach, you can take back the reins, and become the leader, the CEO of your own life. She shows you how to invest in yourself and your future self, so you can leave confusion and regret behind and skillfully revel in your one ”wild and precious” life.*

*By Mary Oliver, from “The Summer Day,” New and Selected Poems, 1992. Beacon Press, Boston, MA

Lila's Offers


It was such a pleasure taking your workshop and it came with many gifts for my healing process. You (bring so) much sparkle to those around you.
-- DB, Portland, OR

Thank you, Lila! For opening a door within me and welcoming me in. With love and gratitude,
-- ND, Boca Raton, FL

Until yesterday... I didn't realize how much deeper I could go... I experienced a real healing/shift about how I was experiencing my relationship with my daughter... I was able to dissolve the way I was holding stressful thoughts, opinions and criticisms... Wow.
-- KB, Hawaii, HI

(Lila) is a wonderful speaker talking in a language I can understand. Sharing so many wonderful personal stories allowed us to feel more connection with her! She made me feel so loved!!
-- EP, Salinas, CA.